Hitachi Ops Center is the new management suite for Hitachi Vantara storage.

hitachi ops center

Hitachi Ops Center

I’ve been teaching a lot of classes this spring and summer on the products in Ops Center. Ops Center is the company’s new storage management suite. Since 2010, we’ve used (and taught) Hitachi Command Suite for storage management. With the release of the VSP 5000 series of enterprise storage arrays, Hitachi updated the management software.

The Ops Center Products

Hitachi Ops Center consists of four principal products:

  • Administrator – Storage configuration and provisioning
  • Analyzer – Monitoring, optimize, plan, and troubleshoot
  • Automater – Orchestrate automated provisioning workflows
  • Data Protection (HDID) – Enterprise copy data management

I teach the company’s overview class for the suite, TXI3932 (5 days), as well as classes on the specific products.

The VSP 5000 storage

hitachi ops center

The VSP 5100 and 5500 storage arrays are a major leap forward for Hitachi Vantara from the VSP G-series. The 5000s have greater capacity and vastly better performance. The 5000s can be connected to both mainframe and open systems hosts. While the arrays have service processors with “element manager” software, the common management configuration is to “onboard” these arrays into an Ops Center environment.

HCS to Ops Center

Hitachi Command Suite has been around for about ten years. It was the product suite used to work with the vintage-2010 Virtual Storage Platform (VSP), as well as succeeding generations of enterprise and midrange offerings up to the VSP 5000s. There are a number of reasons why it was time for the company to upgrade the management suite at the end of last year. So, the introduction of Ops Center keeps Hitachi Global Learning busy.

It’s important to note that Hitachi Vantara still supports Hitachi Command Suite, and we continue to offer training on those products.

Have a look

Here’s a short video introducing Hitachi Ops Center. So, check it out, and let me know if I can be of assistance connecting you with the right folks at Hitachi for you to talk to.