TSI2929 20200817 is Hitachi Ops Center Administrator

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TSI2929 20200817

The next class I’m teaching for Hitachi Vantara is TSI2929, Managing Hitachi Ops Center Administrator. Here’s the course description:

This course provides information about the basic administration and provisioning tasks using Hitachi Ops Center Administrator. So, these tasks include storage setup and configuration (onboarding and discovering storage), creating parity groups, pools, volumes and LUNs (provisioning volumes to the host), and managing and creating volume migration. The course also explains how to manage and monitor storage from the Hitachi Ops Center Administrator dashboard.
Additionally, the hands-on lab activities enable you to gain practical experience and knowledge on administering and provisioning, using Hitachi Ops Center Administrator.
Ops Center is Hitachi’s new management suite for their storage arrays.

Storage Provisioning

Ops Center Administrator is essentially the upgrade/replacement for Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM), to support the new VSP 5000 arrays. Ops Center also supports the VSP G-series arrays. While Hitachi Ops Center is the new thing, Hitachi Vantara will continue to support Hitachi Command Suite.

This week, in TSI2929 20200817, Students will learn how to bring their storage subsystems into the management suite. They’ll also learn to pull in servers and fabric switches into Ops Center Administrator. Once the hardware is all registered in the management suite, we work through the steps to build parity groups, thin provisioning pools, then create disk volumes for servers. Whether the business need is server virtualization with VMware, database storage for Oracle or MS-SQL Server, or other applications, the learning process starts here.

Introductory class

TSI2929 is Hitachi Vantara’s “intro” class. If a student is new to SAN-attached storage, we get them up to speed. Some folks have experience with other brands of storage, and need to learn how things are done, Hitachi-style. The course contains the content to get certified, therefore, students in TSI2929 20200817 will be prepared to write the HQT-6749 Qualification Test upon completion of the course.

Here’s a short video demonstrating Ops Center Administrator.

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