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Last night’s talk at the Krewe de Tech meeting

Technical Talks

Thanks to the Krewe de Tech computer club for having me over last night. It was fun to get out and talk tech at a more consumer level. As much as I enjoy the Enterprise Storage classes I teach, the change of pace is welcome.

I’ve been doing consumer-level training and speaking since the 1980s. From computer camps to kids to teaching teachers how to bring PCs into the classroom to more-current topics now, it’s fun to speak to people who are outside of the computer profession.

Krewe de Tech

The Krewe de Tech computer club’s general meeting is on the first Tuesday of the month. They have “hands-on” meetings on the second and third Tuesdays. At those sessions, the club encourages folks to bring their laptops and phones. More-experienced members are more than willing to lend a hand, working out and solving problems folks experience with their devices.

KdT meets at the East Bank Regional branch of the Jefferson Parish Public Library. The EBR branch is on W. Napoleon Avenue, just off Clearview Parkway.

Speaking to KdT

Last year, I did a talk on Raspberry Pi to the group. They liked it, and asked me back. When I got the email, I replied with a list of topics that I could speak to without having to do a ton of prep. That’s always good for me. I’m primarily a teacher. My best talks are when I’m more-or-less winging it and people ask questions and make comments. So, I was surprised when I got a reply back that asked, can you do *all* of the subjects I suggested?

Well, why not. We don’t live all that far from the library, so I agreed. Here’s the list of talks I’m scheduled to do:

  • April 2, Overview of series: “Make your social presence low cost and effective with your own website”
  • April 23, 1st in series: “Website tools for effective social presence” WordPress and Drupal
  • May 28, 2nd in series: “Why you need to virtualize your life Part 1” VMware Workstation
  • June 18, 3rd in series: “Why you need to virtualize your life Part 2” Oracle VM (VirtualBox)
  • July 16, 4th in series: “The Beauty of Free Linux”

Join us at these talks

Last night was an intro/overview, and we’ll dive deeper in the coming weeks. You’re more than welcome to come out and check out KdT. Everyone can come out, but if you attend three meetings, they ask you join: $40/year for an individual, $60 for a family.

See you at the library!

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