Tweaking the theme of this poor, neglected, website.

Tweaking the theme

I moved from my Raspberry Pi 3 here in my home office over to Siteground. My friend J.D. turned me on to Siteground a couple of years ago. So, I moved NOLA History Guy there. Now that SSL is all but necessary, anything I want to be taken seriously will go over there. I have an idea for the Pi, but that’s on the to-do list for now.

The seashell logo needed a bit of a facelift as well. As I browsed various Divi templates, it became clear that the logo needed a color shift from that cyan-ish background. So, we’ve got new colors for the shell.

Things are going well with training. I feel like we’re coming out of the tunnel with respect to the pandemic. Hopefully that inspires equipment sales for Hitachi Vantara. They sell storage, I get training opportunities.

Talking about training

Forty years of training offers possibilities for training discussions. While I’m not keen on discussing current classes with respect to the students, sixteen years of teaching for Hitachi presents options. It’s possible to talk techniques, particularly with virtual classroom training, without getting personal. That’s the goal. Additionally, look for posts about presentations to groups as well as other face-to-face instruction.

seashell-software vs. neworleanslinux

This blog focuses on enterprise subjects and training. My other computer blog, focuses on personal topics, linux, virtual computing (there’s overlap here), android, and other subjects. While this site also ran on the Pi, it’s going over to Siteground. More on that later, as I build it out.


A few years ago, I purchased I always wanted to set up a sandbox for discussing restaurant websites. You’ll see more about it on NewOrleansLinux and Yatmedia. While the original concept was a restaurant sandbox, blue-crawfish will expand into websites for other types of businesses.

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