Two segments in YatPundit’s Pub 24-April-2019. Enterprise Storage and WordPress vs Drupal

yatpudit's pub

YatPundit’s Pub 24-April-2019

Talking Enterprise Storage and websites this week in the Tech Wednesday edition of YatPundit’s Pub 24-April-2019. Also an announcement: I’m looking for suggestions on who to interview on both the Pub and NOLA History Guy Podcast. If you’ve got an idea, let me know.

Enterprise: Hitachi Command Suite

Hitachi Tuning Manager (abbreviated HTnM in the storage admin community) is one of the packages in the Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) group of utilities and administration software. Storage administrators use HCS to manage their Hitachi arrays. These arrays hold large numbers of hard disk drives, from eight to over a thousand. Admins allocate out the space on those drives to their users. So, if your department needs a Microsoft SharePoint server, the admin gives you the disk space to run it. Companies use these storage arrays to hold mission-critical data.


Administrators track the performance of their storage arrays constantly. HTnM collects that data, storing it so the admin team can run reports. The package also alerts admins when something could be a problem

Krewe de Tech – WordPress vs. Drupal

YatPundit's Pub 24-April-2019

I presented a talk last night (Tuesday, 23-April) to the Krewe de Tech club. They meet at the Jefferson Parish East Bank Regional Library in Metairie. The subject was Content Management Systems. We discussed the pros and cons of using WordPress and Drupal. The quick take is, WordPress is best for ease-of-use, Drupal is better for tighter security and enterprise uses.

I recorded the talk using Facebook Live. It’s available on the seashell software Facebook page. The angle isn’t perfect, but the audio is good. The PowerPoint presentation gives you a basic idea of the talk. I kept the slides simple, elaborating on them in the talk. While the slides are available in a post on the seashell software website, it’s not as detailed as the talk.

Facebook Live recording of the Krewe de Tech talk

Last Week’s tech pod

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